Weaver Group is committed to the safety and well being of the public our employees and customers.  Weaver Group believes that safety is the responsibility of every individual involved in a project. For this reason, we provide proper training and supervision to all employees, thus our clients can be assured that there are well-trained,safety conscious individuals on site at all times.

Health & Safety

Weaver Group  holds a valid Certificate of Recognition (COR)s, in Alberta,BC and Saskatchewan  This means that we have developed and implemented a workplace health and safety management system suitable for each province. This system is monitored on a regular basis to keep up-to-date with industry standards and regulations.

Weaver Group is also a member in good standing with Complyworks and ISNetworld.

Weaver Group maintains a staff of well trained Safety Officers, auditors and site supervisors . In-house training includes WHMIS and TDG, as well as general and site-specific training. Weaver Group employee training includes: H2S, First Aid, Ground Disturbance, Confined Space, CSTS/PSTS, and Aerial platform. All Managers, Supervisors and Foreman are trained in  safety leadership.

We are also registered in the government sponsored Partners in Injury Reduction Program. This program grants rebates and discounts for effective safety programs. These initiatives are measured through reducing injury accident costs as compared to industry standards and are monitored through WCB rates.


Weaver Group  believes that environmental protection means more than simply complying with laws. It means being proactive in protecting natural resources and the environment for future generations. By development and implementation of responsible, reasonable and innovative environmental protection strategies, as part of our daily routine, we have gained a flawless environmental history. By following this simple philosophy we are able to fulfill not only our legislated but also our moral responsibilities to the environment.